Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Guest Post from Beth

For our first week in Cornwall, we partnered with the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus. Bethany Partridge, one of the Cornish students, is guest contributing this post about her experience with public history.

Having the USC students over from America was a really great experience. It was so interesting to compare practices and ideas about Public history in the international field - and of course to have some great days out in the process! I have found Public History to be a fantastic module choice, as it has allowed me to get involved with so much extra-curricular stuff. I got involved with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall during my first year at University doing the public history module. In the first year it was more about shadowing different departments to get a feel for how the institution worked, and then writing a report on it. I chose to work with them again the following year but this time actively creating useable research and work. My topic was 'Historical Piracy in Cornwall', and I produced an online exhibition and bucket text, later adding to this a curators choice and an article for their magazine which I am still woking on. The work has been so useful and also gained me loads of extra opportunities - in fact I start an eight week summer placement with them in July!

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